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Costa Rica

You feel a clean, green happiness the moment you set foot in Costa Rica. The country’s kinship with nature and deep devotion to its environment means you explore a vivid world of outdoor adventures, from surfing to birdwatching, in lush and protected landscapes. On land and sea, in jungles and waterfront towns, Costa Rica is a brilliant vista, a close encounter with the elements, an exhilarating breath of fresh air. Small wonder that Costa Ricans have earned the enviable title of “Happiest People on the Planet.” You’ll feel right at home when you arrive, but until you get here, please enjoy a few of our favorite photos and videos below.


*Artist’s conceptual rendering. Subject to change.

*Artist’s conceptual rendering. Subject to change.

Your opportunity to embrace the inspired

Quiet luxury and unmatched hospitality are the hallmarks of El Mangroove. Pair that with the natural wonders and ocean adventures right from your back yard and you’ll realize that owning your own Private Residence here is the key to a permanent sense of pura vida.

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