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Only 5 Residences 

Turnkey three- and four-bedroom Private Residences. Wholly-owned luxury villas; priced from $1.95 million USD

*Artist’s conceptual rendering. Subject to change.


the residences

El Mangroove Residences are maintenance-free, fully managed and serviced by the hotel’s Autograph Collection/Marriott-trained staff. The same team of experts will manage rental opportunities through the hotel concierge, generating income for you while you are away.


As an El Mangroove Residence owner, you will receive the following advantages known as the Pura Vida Pass. These benefits are guaranteed for as long as you own your Residence.

• Owner discount applied at all amenities of the hotel: food & beverage, spa treatments, chef tables, boating excursions, boutique purchases, and more.

• Owner discount on hotel room rates.

• Owner discount on rental car and off-property tours coordinated through El Mangroove hotel services

• Owners Welcome Package: your Residence is stocked with refreshments upon each new visit – including fruits, snacks and soft drinks, etc.

• Guests of owners are welcome to use the hotel’s amenities when they are using the Residence.




Private Plunge Pools. Lush, Tropical Surroundings. Rooftop Outdoor Living.

Your gateway to the ultimate beach experience and the pura vida lifestyle, El Mangroove is also the paradise you can call home. A place where you live not as a visitor, but as someone who belongs - an owner of one of the world’s most unique private residences. Where the simple and grand co-exist luxuriously and harmoniously.


Only in Costa Rica could you even imagine homes such as these.

Thoughtfully designed
with you in mind

The vision of award-winning Costa Rican architects, Garnier Arquitectos, El Mangroove private residences are inspired by the native flora, fauna, and ocean views that surround the property. Every three- and four-bedroom Autograph Collection® Residence features a contemporary feel that is both cutting edge and seamless with the natural surroundings.

Designs are equally stunning and functional with living spaces created for comfort, and lock-off options that provide flexibility for owners and maximum rental potential through the resort. Staying true to El Mangroove’s connection to local and natural inspirations, each residence is appointed with the highest quality locally-sourced finishes and custom furniture, elegantly crafted by Costa Rican hands.

Income Opportunity

As an owner, you can enjoy your private residence with family and friends and for those periods you can’t be in Costa Rica, your residence is fully-maintained by the hotel and can be placed into El Mangroove’s resort rental program with the opportunity to benefit you while you’re away.

Design team

Ronald Zürcher, Hotel Architect & Land Planner

Garnier Arquitectos, Residences Architects




*Artist’s conceptual rendering. Subject to change.



Enjoy Group, LLC

A quality and family-focused success story

*Artist’s conceptual rendering. Subject to change.

Enjoy Group, LLC, the developer of El Mangroove Resort & Residences, has been in the business of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism in Costa Rica and Central America for nearly 50 years.


Since its founding in 1973, the company has remained a family owned and operated business that has proven its recipe for innovation, consistency and success in the development, operations and asset management of 30+ hospitality ventures, many of them partnerships with strong brands like Hilton, Marriott, Marriott Resort, Autograph Collection, P.F. Chang’s, Fiesta and many original restaurant concepts that have been legacy-making success stories such as Bacchus – an incredibly unique restaurant concept built within a centuries-old home in San Jose, Costa Rica.


The Enjoy Group brand philosophy promises, “to offer a truly original experience for every lifestyle while perfecting the basic and fundamental principles of hospitality,” while it ensures the success of its real estate investments by working on all aspects of the business, from conceptualization, feasibility, land acquisition, legal, engineering, financial, construction, commercialization and operation. And, finally, because Enjoy Group is owned and operated by the Pacheco family, it continues to view each and every venture as an extension of their own family and its rich legacy in Costa Rica and beyond. 

Enjoy Group’s Commitment to Responsible Development

Enjoy Group has always championed environmental stewardship and the Pacheco family believes that protecting Mother’s Nature’s “gifts” are essential to their success. El Mangroove in particular has been a leader in environmentally friendly practices from sourcing and using natural products in their hotel rooms and spa to conservation efforts both on property and beyond. For example, El Mangroove has a sustainability program which promotes reforestation called Leave Your Leaves that allows guests to plant a tree that will be transplanted to transplanted to the El Toledo Agro Ecological Reserve. Once the tree is planted guests are notified of its exact location so they can keep track of their a positive, lasting environmental investment.

Your opportunity to embrace the inspired

Quiet luxury and unmatched hospitality are the hallmarks of El Mangroove. Pair that with the natural wonders and ocean adventures right from your back yard and you’ll realize that owning your own Private Residence here is the key to a permanent sense of pura vida.

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